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Screensavers VR Review

Screensavers VR is an application created by FLOAT LAND. Screensavers VR was first published on . It is available on Steam.

Before the internet took over, before memes multiplied, windows of computer fantasy spread over the world… this was THE SCREENSAVER. What began as a tool to prevent CRT monitor burn-in became a dynamic canvas for whimsy and experimentation.

A digital escape from your worries, Screensavers VR is respite and recovery from the demands of modern living. Explore the visual language of the past in a whole new way and surround yourself in Tangible Graphics Technology.

Stop staring at your screen-- dive in and save virtual reality!


  • Plunge your body into over a dozen screensavers inspired by the classics-- taken to the next dimension.
  • Physically manipulate digital worlds! Explore each micro-universe through wild parameters and VR-only effects like scale.
  • Kick back in the semi-authentic 90's office-den simulation and read original writing about the screensaver phenomenon.
  • Warp through stars like never before! Experience and endless starfield in HD!
  • Can you reach the end of M A Z E?
  • Pipes are so real, you’ll swear you hit your head.


We all need to mix things up once in awhile. Screensavers VR is a digital escape to relax and enjoy at whatever pace you choose. We honor this fascinating and unique moment in history as the absurd and creative evolution of a straightforward technical need, and carry this ethos forward.

What's new:

Screensavers VR 2.0 is here, including the "Evening Dreams" Collection! A newly redecorated virtual office awaits, as well as an essay by co-creator of After Dark, Bill Stewart! We are also pleased to include our Official Software Manual, which will Explain Things.

And now, your virtual PC will be loaded with Evening Dreams, consisting of:
  • Gluten Gliders - you've never seen appliances like this! Our homage to the granddaddy of them all.
  • Terra Form - Earth moves in mysterious ways, doesn't it?
  • Orbz - peacefully taking over your room... or aggressively, should you tweak those options out.
  • Shapely - a veritable cornucopia of shapes, shiny enough to eat.
  • Sub-Optic - take some time to hang out with the visually impossible.
  • Tunns o Funn - funnel your mind into this zone d' tunnel.
  • Zap - it's electrifying.

Head over to the forums or our discord for feedback and requests. More updates to come!

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Screensavers VR

4.2 / 5

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Size: 600 MB available space

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